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Alfred Hitchcock and the Sight and Sound Poll

The reason for Hitchcock’s enduring influence on Directors and Critics today.

Alfred Hitchcock has a reason to dance. Four of Hitchcock’s Films have made the Top 100 films of all time list in the recent British Film Institute Sight and Sound Poll. Although Hitchcock’s Vertigo is down only one place to Number 2 having beaten Citizen Kane to the top spot in the last poll, Hitchcock is only rivalled by Jean Luc Goddard in having the greatest number of films on the list, with Psycho, Rear Window and North by Northwest.

While cinematic greats like Bergman with only film, Persona, and Renoir have slipped or fallen out of the top, which testifies Hitchcock’s enduring appeal as a master storyteller and giant of cinema.

You can read about Hitchcock’s legacy in a new book The Young Alfred Hitchcock’s Moviemaking Master Class available on Amazon.

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