Hitchcock is much in the news at the moment because of two biopics Hitchcock with Anthony Hopkins and The Girl with Toby Jones. Hitch is not alive to defend himself, but many of his co-workers still are. This is a forum for them to voice their opinion including The Birds co-stars Veronica Cartwright & Shari Lee Bernath, Marnie co-stars Louise Latham, Mariette Hartley & Linden Chiles, Hitchcock actresses Eva Marie Saint, Kim Novak, Doris Day, Karin Dor, Jean Marsh & Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Hitchcock’s official biographer John Russell Taylor and the Hitchcock crew Rita Riggs, Virginia Darcy, Hilton Green, Ted Parvin, Marshall Schlom and Norman Lloyd. Now for the first time they share their thoughts on the media coverage.

CHECK BACK EVERY DAY as leading witnesses take to the stand to share their testimonies. YOU CAN GET INVOLVED by signing this page or sharing your comments in the debate section. Please keep your remarks reasoned and respectful as they may be quoted in a future book covering the whole coverage in the media.


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  1. David Rushe ⋅

    Huge fan of Hitchcock and his work, always looking to read more about the great film maker. looking forward to watching the birds this Christmas (bbc show) – Check out my blog when you get the chance and leave feedback if you are keen (thoughts appreciated, burps discarded) http://thoughtburp.wordpress.com/

  2. Sandra Shevey ⋅

    Have seen it and shouted it down at the NFT. There is however one very good scene…a wide pan when they`re filming the scenes where the birds peck at Hedren. The wide pan reveals a semi-circle of film executives all standing there gaping…enjoying it immensely. They are very Fifties…the hair, the tan, the suits.

    I have spent the majority of my life on film sets. I first entered the holy realm when I was in my early twenties. There is something chauvinist and deeply sinister of all those men with power over the `girl`.

    If nothing else this tv drama shows this up. Good stuff!

  3. I believe (theory only, no proof) Hitch may have displayed a “wicked side” with the 3 actresses who came very close to his ideal, with Grace Kelly leading the pack. Perhaps his fascination could have led to misbehavior. She and the other two, Madeleine Carroll and Tippi Hedrin, were blonde, beautiful, cool, aloof, unapproachable, lady-like, understated in manner and physicality; while hiding smoldering embers attempting to burn through Edith Head’s creations – designed to conceal, yet reveal; douse, yet fuel – the fire beneath. Hence, the also-rans, the actresses that didn’t make the cut, have only nice things to say about Hitch, as – with them – he remained the perfect gentleman, never crossing the line, since he had no interest in what lie beyond it. Ironically, Vertigo exemplifies this concept, yet Kim Novak was never his preconceived rendition of “Madeleine.” I was smitten by Kim, but this is Hitch’s fantasy.

  4. This is an excellent idea for a site! I am a big Hitchcock fan and I would love to read the words of those who have actually worked with The Master of Suspense.

    Kudos on starting this site!

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