Rita Riggs

Rita Riggs, the costume supervisor who worked closely with Hitchcock on The Birds and Marnie, was interviewed on tape Wednesday 5th September 2012 in LA and questioned about Hitchcock deliberately enjoying the torture during the telephone booth and attic scenes.

“I really don’t buy that and I’m sorry that the BBC has taken that line. I was on set all the time. I’ve never forgotten painstakingly putting elastic bands and birds and crows on Tippi. I was personally attaching the crows and it was lengthy, it was tedious and it just wore Tippi out.

“Because of the extent of his career, I have nothing but kind words to say about Mr. Hitchcock.

“He could have been a total Jekyll and Hyde but I never saw that. I think Hitch did many things to get performances from her, particularly in Marnie, because he didn’t depend on her with acting technique, he may have shocked her with all manner of his techniques. I never really thought he was serious. He was a jokester and a prankster and I have good memories all through The Birds and Marnie. We would be talking about something, maybe strawberries, and I came home that night and there was a packet of Wild Strawberries from France, and it was that kind of prank constantly.”


The Hitchcock Blondes Testify

Today three of the Hitchcock blondes share what it was like to work with the director.

KIM NOVAK, interviewed in LA on Friday August 31st 2012

“It’s wonderful that Vertigo was named the number 1 film of all time. It’s only a shame that Hitch isn’t here to know it. He is one of the great directors and one to be studied. He was a perfectionist and didn’t make any short cuts.”

EVA MARIE SAINT, interviewed in LA on Tuesday October 16th 2012

“There were six of us Hitchcock blondes, and it’s like we all were married to the man at one time or another and we all have a different take on him. Each actress was at a different stage of their life, we were different ages, some married, some not. My experience with Hitch was one of utter respect, warmth, friendliness and humour, and North by Northwest was a glorious time in my life.”

DORIS DAY, interviewed in Carmel on Monday June 18th 2012

“He was wonderful, a great director and a good friend. I loved working with him. In The Man Who Knew Too Much he shot the scene when I find out that my son is kidnapped from many different angles and he always knew exactly what he wanted.”