The Truth About The Attic Attack

Stories change with time and memory. In an interview from 2nd April 1963, while promoting The Birds in her home town of Minneapolis, the leading lady describes filming of the attic bird attack: “Mr. Hitchcock hated the scene and the set. He was scared. And he really hates to be scared, poor man, much as he enjoys scaring other people. He wouldn’t come onto the set until they had everything completely ready. Then he’d come, stay only long enough for them to make the shot, and then leave immediately.” Just how different is this from the scene in The Girl?

Hedren clippings-2 (dragged)

John Russell Taylor compares “Hitchcock” and “The Girl”

In anticipation of his re-released book Hitch: The Life and Times of Alfred Hitchcock, John Russell Taylor, Hitch’s official biographer compares the recent spate of Hitchcock biopics. While he finds “Hitchcock” the movie with Anthony Hopkins, “incomparably the more accurate and believable of the two films”, Taylor calls The Girl “a tissue of melodramatic invention” and “arrant nonsense” and questions how the “story seems to change exponentially” of those involved.

Great entertainers, says Taylor, never die, and Hitch was one of the greatest. You can read the entire article here:

No Emmy nominations for The Girl for Best TV Movie or Best Actress

The Emmy Nominations have been announced and highly criticised Hitchcock drama “The Girl” failed to be nominated in the Best TV Movie or Miniseries category. Sienna Miller was also snubbed failing to pick up a nomination for her portrayal in the Best Actress category. Leading the nominations are “American Horror Story” with 17, “Game of Thrones” with 16 and “Behind the Candelabra” with 15 nominations. Michael Douglas is tipped to win over Toby Jones in the Best Actor category for a TV or Miniseries for his superb portrayal of Liberace.