How to Turn Your Boring Movie into a Hitchcock Thriller now an exciting E-book

For those readers who are avid fans of Alfred Hitchcock, they will be already aware of Jeffrey Michael Bay’s awesome website How To Turn Your Boring Movie into a Hitchcock Thriller. Well, the good news is that it’s now a very readable e-book. Jeffrey, writing as The Master himself, takes the reader through the stages of putting together a Hitchcock thriller, from characters, to dialogue to the MacGuffin, all written in the voice of Alfred Hitchcock, with his lugubrious tones and deadpan humour. Wonderfully comic illustrations accompany each chapter, evoking the spirit of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Hitch’s best delivery and comic timing that framed the beginning and ending of each story. Jeffrey has really captured the voice and spirit of Hitchcock so that exposition is never a dull moment.

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