Rita Riggs, wardrobe mistress, dies in LA.

Rita Riggs, the wardrobe mistress on The Birds and Marnie, died in Los Angeles on June 5th 2017. She was the apprentice to Edith Head, and gave many great interviews for Save Hitchcock, as well as The Making of Hitchcock’s The Birds and Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie. Rita was a supporter of Alfred Hitchcock and strongly disapproved of the portrayal of him in the media and the HBO/BBC drama The Girl. “It’s like newspapers, it sells,” she said of the rumours, and “I have nothing but good memories of working with him on The Birds and Marnie.”

Portions of her interview will be published on this page.

“He loved beauty so much. He was like the Prince inside the Frog” – Rita Riggs on Alfred Hitchcock.