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Ten bloopers to watch out for on BBC’s The Girl

The BAFTA nominated ‘The Girl’ has a number of interesting bloopers:

1. Where’s Noel Marshall? It was well publicized that Tippi was engaged to her agent Noel during the filming of Marnie and that they were planning to marry in September 1964. This displeased Hitchcock as he thought actors shouldn’t marry but remain committed to their craft, and a main reason for their fall out, but Noel’s never seen nor mentioned in The Girl.

2. The Telephone Booth scene. Why would Hitchcock offer Tippi the part of Marnie on June 7th 1962 (during filming of the sand dune scene) after Grace Kelly turned it down, and then deliberately try to deform her by shattering glass in the telephone booth filmed on June 12th only a few days later? Thereby putting her and a $3 million dollar movie in jeopardy?

3. The Attic attack. This was filmed over five continuous days, and not in 45 continuous takes without a break to re-aarrange hair and make up as suggested in the TV drama. Also the blood was fake, not real. Much of the exhaustion came from tying crows onto the costume with rubber bands.

4.The Star of Tomorrow Award and the Drowning Scene. In the movie they are said to occur at the same time prompting the big fall out; not according to the production schedule at the Margaret Herrick Library which states that the drowning scene was filmed on Friday 3rd January 1964, whereas the Star of the Tomorrow Award took place on Wednesday 5th February 1964, more than a month apart.

5.”After Christmas we shoot the disguise scenes”. The Girl says that the browned hair Marnie scenes were filmed after Christmas in 1964 giving Tippi the relief she needed to escape being blonde. Not according to the production schedule, as these were the first scenes to be filmed in November 1963 shortly after JFK’s assassination.

6.‘Touch Me’. In the film it’s said when Marnie is about to go riding; In an AFI seminar it’s implied it was said to the actress to make her act mad after she’s been caught robbing the Rutland safe.

7.‘Can’t you love Hitch just a little?’ In the film wardrobe girl Rita Riggs supposedly says it. In the book on which the drama is based, the writer Jay Presson Allen supposedly says it.

8.The opening Marnie shot. This was filmed on location in San Jose railway station as the production schedule testifies and not in the studio against back projection.

9. “The Birds is Coming!” According to the movie Hitchcock was planning this catchphrase as early as November 1961 when he offered Tippi the job. Evan Hunter states in ‘Me and Hitch’ that Hitch came up with this marketing brainwave in January 1963.

10.’Production shut down, that’s a first,’ says Alma. Not true according to Veronica Cartwright as they carried on filming using a body double in the scenes when Mitch carries Melanie down from the attic.



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