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Alfred Hitchcock’s Bookstore


Alfred Hitchcock is opening a Bookstore: Three books on the making of his films: “Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie”; “The Making of Hitchcock’s The Birds” and “Alfred Hitchcock’s Movie Making Masterclass”. All books are available through Barnes and Noble, Waterstones, Amazon and order through your local bookstores. #books #cinema #makingof #filmmaking #directing #films #alfredhitchcock #suspense #mystery #masterclass #master #tippihedren #birds #marnie #thebirds #psycho #vertigo #northbynorthwest

2 responses to “Alfred Hitchcock’s Bookstore

  1. Dan Sneed ⋅

    Fantastic! So glad your store is now open.

  2. So cool. Just bought a copy of the Book. Thank you for the info.

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