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Filmwerk reviews Hitchcock and the Making of Marnie Revised Edition

“Moral has written a thoughtful, definitely well researched and strong study on the process of how this film was adapted, constructed, filmed and marketed as well as a great deal of attention to the original book’s author, Winston Graham and how it was changed and adapted as a very different screenplay by Evan Hunter who had just finished working on The Birds for Hitchcock was employed to write a draft. However, pulling no punches Hunter fell out with Hitchcock for the so-called rape sequence that Hunter felt very uncomfortable with. With Hunter sacked he then employed a less feminist writer in the female playwright and author, Jay Presson Allen who went on to become a close friend of the director and to get the screen credit. A great deal of the book is given over to Graham, Hunter and especially Presson Allen and as a result the book demonstrates the process in adapting the book to the screen well.

But these were not the only problems for Hitch. His original leading lady had been Princess Grace of Monaco herself, Grace Kelly who had planned to come out of her early retirement in a part Hitchcock wanted to be especially written for her. Kelly had starred in three Hitchcock films and had become the archetype of his ice cold blondes.”

Read the full review in Filmwerk


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