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Psycho’s AD talks about the making of the Movie

PSYCHO AD HILTON GREEN was Interviewed in Pasadena on December 3rd 2012 about “Hitchcock” the movie and the Making of Psycho

“I thought Anthony Hopkins did a wonderful job, but they took licenses for entertainment.

 In Hitchcock the movie, when he got sick and couldn’t come to work, Alma never came on the set, what she did do were the things in the cutting room, the blinking of the eye, she did do that. But the day he became ill, I directed that. He had a bad cold. I didn’t want him to come to work because we were insured.

He didn’t bring to the set his problems, if there were problems. The only time I saw him emotionally upset and he called me into his office on the set (1958), and we were doing a television show, this was before Psycho, I was the assistant on the show, and he had tears in his eyes and he couldn’t go on. He had tears in his eyes as he had just found that Alma had cancer. That was the only time I saw him emotionally upset. And he left that afternoon. He told me to go through and he just left.

I feel they are just trying to exploit him today, the man is dead, he had a great career, he was a genius of the director, he was not  in because he didn’t go to parties, and I felt he was more of an introvert. He wanted to know his crews, he didn’t want new faces.

He was very professional. He knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it and there wasn’t this guessing. There was none of that. He could tell you right down to the frame where he would cut the movie.

I was very close to Hitch and I never ever saw him as the way they portrayed him. When he came on the set, and blurted out and raised his voice, that never happened. He never raised his voice, only one instance, the swinging light in Psycho. The camera operator kept saying he’d got it. He wanted a flash across the lens, but it took two different shooting days to get it.

There was no one to me like Alfred Hitchcock, and I feel so badly he never won the Academy Award and that bothered him.

His life was all about movies. I didn’t know Alma as well as I knew him. She was great, I don’t know if he would have become as great as he was without her.”


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