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The Hitchcock Blondes Testify

Today three of the Hitchcock blondes share what it was like to work with the director.

KIM NOVAK, interviewed in LA on Friday August 31st 2012

“It’s wonderful that Vertigo was named the number 1 film of all time. It’s only a shame that Hitch isn’t here to know it. He is one of the great directors and one to be studied. He was a perfectionist and didn’t make any short cuts.”

EVA MARIE SAINT, interviewed in LA on Tuesday October 16th 2012

“There were six of us Hitchcock blondes, and it’s like we all were married to the man at one time or another and we all have a different take on him. Each actress was at a different stage of their life, we were different ages, some married, some not. My experience with Hitch was one of utter respect, warmth, friendliness and humour, and North by Northwest was a glorious time in my life.”

DORIS DAY, interviewed in Carmel on Monday June 18th 2012

“He was wonderful, a great director and a good friend. I loved working with him. In The Man Who Knew Too Much he shot the scene when I find out that my son is kidnapped from many different angles and he always knew exactly what he wanted.”



8 responses to “The Hitchcock Blondes Testify

  1. Michael ⋅

    Looking forward to hearing what his fellow workers have to say

  2. Joel Gunz

    Tippi does indeed seem to be working out issues that are bigger than Hitchcock — and that likely predate her association with him. What I find fascinating is that his alleged abuses pale in comparison to the treatment she meted out when she became a producer.

  3. Dave

    This seems like a sensationalized case of “leading the witness,” with Donald Spoto pushing his agenda on the public with Tippi as his mouthpiece.

    • Dan Sneed ⋅

      Exactly my opinion as well. Spoto has built his writing career on tearing down Hitchcock and to re-hash The Dark Side of Genius years later in Spellbound By Beauty is the greatest evidence of that hatchet work. The discrepancies between those two books in regard to the alleged incidents during the filming of Marnie are too numerous to list here, but are sufficient to call Spoto’s veracity into question. And Ms. Hedren’s inconsistencies in her stories over the years also make her allegations extremely suspect. They have presented no evidence to substantiate their slander of Hitchcock and without that evidence their testimony is worthless.

  4. Glad to support this blog, as I strongly feel the recent media reporting and hype surrounding “The Girl” has been far too one-sided.

    Dave Pattern
    Alfred Hitchcock Wiki

  5. Paul Gray ⋅

    Not really sure its necessary to defend Hitch to such a great degree. He made her and without him she was nothing as the remainder of her career has shown. Instead of thanking her lucky stars she got to work with the master and honour his memory she decides to alienate many people for the sake of a tawdry and inaccurate tv movie…madness. Their is overwhelming evidence/testimony of Hitch treating his actresses with a great deal of respect, she should hang her head in shame.

    What particularly saddens me is the likes of the brilliant Toby Jones (portraying Hitch) and other British actors I admire being involved. Anyway, you just have to see Sienna Millers name attached to it to know it will be laughable, girl couldnt act to save her life.

    Long live Hitch ….

  6. cadavra ⋅

    Not that I’m defending him, but it IS possible that he was obsessed with Hedren in a way he was not with the others–possibly because those other three were already established stars when he worked with them, whereas he discovered Hedren and was perhaps acting out his own private “Vertigo.” (Apologies for the run-on sentence.)

  7. This is a wonderful site and I’m very glad that someone took the initiative to put up some kind of defense for Hitch. Ever since this story broke it seems as if it has been swallowed with little or no thought as to its validity. To me as a lifelong Hitch-phile this was very troubling. After all despite not knowing the man personally, you’d think you’d know something about him and the situation after critically watching Marnie at least 10 times by age 10. Hopefully, people will stumble across this and not just take the film/book’s viewpoint as fact.

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